The creations of Dutch master jewellery designer Anouschka Verhagen are warm reminiscences of vintage elegance and bohemian fine antique. Honed in the restoration of antique jewels, her designs still reveal a love of historical fashionable styles. But there’s more than just being charmed by history. Anouschka’s crafts different periods into a single object. The merging of these antique styles allow a curiously beautifull transformation to take place: the old is renewed with life, but with such fashionable flair that her jewellery becomes representative of the wearer living very much today. Anouschka primarily uses the traditional metals and stones associated with her trade, yet she combines these with natural elements of a more delicate kind. Lovingly detailed and excuted by a true craftsperson, her works are embraced by trade professionals and private connoisseurs alike.

Works by Anouschka Verhagen are represented in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and Museum Overholland in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Her collections are available through selected dealers in Amsterdam and have been the subject of several exhibitions. Works have been featured in Avant Garde, Elegance, BLVD, Living and L’Officiel. Anouschka Verhagen’s studio is situated in Amsterdam. here she works on private commisions.

After gaining her credentials as a gold- and silversmith at the tradeschool in Amsterdam, Anouschka Verhagen obtained a Master’s Degree in The Hague in 1993.
She has worked with notables such as Christopher Clark and Michel Verduyn amoong others and was active as a goldsmith restoring antique jewellery in Amsterdam. Since completing her formal training her jewellery has been sold regularly through several distinguished retailers, among which Zeniya Inc. in Tokyo, Japan.
She is currently working as a freelance designer. Next to enjoying a select dealernet, she also creates jewellery for exhibitions and private commissions.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein